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Golf equipment that won’t break the bank, but might just break your opponent.

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Here’s a selection of our most innovative products designed to make practice more profitable and playing more pleasurable at prices more palatable.

Product Spotlight

Putting for Dough!

Yeah a new driver can put 10 yards on your drive and the latest balls can reduce unwanted spin but at the end of the day if you want to win you need to put well. Our new Putt Catchers are designed to reward accurate putting by catching the ball even if it’s slightly offline, the way the hole does.

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    We don’t just talk and sell a good game, we organise them too!
    Each year we arrange a number of golf days where you’ll get to try some of our products and meet a few celebs as well as play for some top prizes.

    Craig Cooksley

    Craig Cooksley
    Managing Director

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