PureStrike Pure Roll Putter


PureStrike Pure Roll Putters give a perfect roll every time with minimum skid or hop. The unique minus one degree loft keeps the ball rolling, making distance control easy.

The PureStrike Putter has enabled many golfers worldwide to gain increased confidence on the greens.

It has a very simple concept, the sweetspot is right behind the white line. So if you make contact anywhere in the middle of the Putter head you will have a straight shot. This is unlike most Putters on the market. The centre weighting combined with pure Face balancing gives excellent feel & accuracy.

  • Soft feel & a Positive roll guaranteed
  • Centre shafted for simple aim & feel
  • 360 gram (slightly heavier than average) head for superb judgement of distance
  • Simple alignment with superb feel to improve consistency
  • Free magnetic headcover
  •  Designed by engineers and single figure golfers in the UK for UK & European Golfers.
  • Other shaft lengths available (32″, 33″, 34″, and 35″).

What a difference this has made to my putting. I might 3 putt once or twice during a round now. Before I was the king of the jipps with 7 or 8 3 putts, sometimes even 4. I love it some much I nearly asked my wife to move up so that I can guard it at night. Thanks to PureStrike it`s a pleasure to play golf again.”
A Kerschbaume


Right Hand, Left Hand


Golf Pride Tour Tradition Black, Superstroke 3.0, Winn ProX.1.18 Black/Red, Lamkin Deep Etched Paddle

Shaft Length

32 Inch, 33 Inch, 34 Inch, 35 Inch

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