PureStrike Wedges


PureStrike Wedges have forged heads to produce extra spin and more accuracy.

Available with 52º, 56º and 60º lofts with a black gun metal finish.

Left Handed 60º Wedge also available.


  • Forged heads designed to spin successfully.
  • Black Gun metal finish for superb feel and framing of ball at set up.
  • Accuracy & Control will improve with fingerprint technology on wedge face.
  • Optimum bounce angles ensure fantastic playability.
  • Regular flex wedge shaft fitted as standard.
  • PureStrike velvet grips fitted as standard.

Set of 3 RH Wedges, 52º RH Wedge, 56º RH Wedge, 60º RH Wedge, 60º LH Wedge

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