Maxx Royal Belek Resort

The Road to Paradise

“Now watch this drive!”, I exclaimed with a terrible George W Bush imitation and promptly shanked my ball directly into the trees left of us
…and so began the first of five rounds of golf in the luxurious Golf Resorts of Belek, Antalya.

The Journey

How do we begin? The temptation would be to start at the beginning, but frankly that’s an utter disaster. Birmingham Airport delayed our flights so we missed the connecting flight to Antalya. I travelled for 10 hours to get to Turkey, to top it all off my bags were opened and my 9 Iron stolen. 

So yeah let’s skip that bit and hit the positives.

Still here, OK here’s the quick summary… Birmingham Airport is a shambles!

Want a longer summary…. Arrived at the airport for 7.15am, checked-in, joined a queue for security that ran the entire length of the airport and waited over 2 hours. Eventually made it through, got breakfast at the lounge which was nice, told to board.

Went to the boarding gate and waited another 2 hours to board due to a lack of staff to load/unload the plane. Missed my connecting flight, waited 4 hours for the next one, got refused entry to the lounge, argued, got let in, no beer due to Ramadan. Total travel time 15 hours!

Maxx Royal Belek Resort

We stayed at the Maxx Royal Belek Hotel and Golf Resort and the attention to detail and customer service started before I’d even packed my bags to go.  The day before I was due to travel I got a call from them asking if I had any special requirements and informing me that I would be connect by Whatsapp to not one but two assistants who would help me to get the most from my stay. Before I’d even hung up they’d sent me the connection request.

I’m not easily impressed, I am a world class moaner, but this impressed me a lot.

Unprepared for such a call I made no special requests other than to ask for “a nice room”, only to be told they were all nice rooms, because frankly they are.

We landed in Antalya at around 11.20pm, after collecting my bags (noticing the zip had been opened slightly but let’s not go backwards) we made our way to the exit and waiting for us was a private minibus replete with white leather interior, tinted windows, flatscreen tv and glasses of champagne… which turned out to be wite wine, still nice start.

After a trying day travelling we were all a little frazzled and ready for a beer and then bed.

Less than 20 minutes later we arrived at our hotel, and an impressive sight it was with lit up fountains outside and a large glass reception area, this was luxury. Our bags and golf clubs (minus the 9 iron, OK I’ll let it drop now) we’re whisked from the minibus to reappear later in our rooms.

A number of staff welcomed us through the doors and beckoned us toward the large seated area and a drink, the bar was due to close but they thoughtfully kept it open as we’d just arrived. 

In no time our orders were taken and staff arrived with forms already completed waiting for just a signature, don’t you hate it when you check in and they ask you to fill out a form even though they had the details during the booking process? We were then presented with a large bouquet of flowers and our room cards. It was a nice but unnecessary touch as I had no means to keep the flowers or bring them home to someone who would appreciate them, a beautiful gesture though.

I finished my second drink (more about the bar service later) and made my way to my bedroom… no it was more than that it was more like an apartment. The only equivalent I can think of is the Venetian in Las Vegas, which is also, sorry was, my favourite hotel.

The bed was large and comfortable, I’d guess easily 8 by 8, with enough cushions to keep even the most girly of females happy.  It sat in the centre of a large room facing an entire wall of glass overlooking the pools and the sea… quite spectacular.

Also in the room was a sofa, chairs, a bathroom with a double sink and a large bath. Shower room, separate toilet, a walk in closet and a coffee making area with a high end Nespresso machine, fruit bowl full of fruit and the piece-de-resistance a full FREE minibar with snacks and a rather delightful bottle of red. Absolutely belting.

I had well and truly landed on my feet and no mistake.

It was time for sleep.

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